Tuesday, August 2, 2011

already august!

+My new home for the next year! aka Crestwood. Move in date is August 19. Can't believe I've already been up here for six weeks & that I move out of the Villa in three. Time flies! Aaaand school starts in 16 days. Haven't decided how I feel about that yet. All I know is that I am going to be SUPER busy, which is good. As long as I don't get tooo busy.

+Casie was up here for EFY last week & I loved it! Gotta love little sisters. We went to a free jazz concert with my ward and it decided to rain! It's been doing that a lot lately up here. Hence the blankets used for cover :)


+So I went the last four years without giving a talk. Two of them in my previous singles ward & I was never asked to speak in church. Less than two months in this ward and I got asked to talk. I spoke on Sunday and I don't really mind speaking in church, I just feel like I never have a whole lot to offer teaching wise. I like when I am teaching and people can comment and interact throughout it. It went smoothly, but I am glad it's over! Get to enjoy the first hour of church more when I am not sitting in the front. :) Here is the closing of my talk so you get an idea without me posting the whole shebang.

"I know that my family brings me so much joy in this life, and I cannot fathom the next one without them. I believe that it is through Christ that we can one day have eternal life and work towards exaltation. I know that faith, hope, and charity are intertwined and we must work at each one in order to become more like our Savior. It is my hope that we continue in faith, hope for the best, and be charitable towards others along the way. We cannot give up. It is up to us to remain positive throughout this stage of life and press forward with hope, leaving doubt and despair behind. It is up to us and us alone to rely on our Savior and Redeemer, the Hope of Israel. I know that if we anchor our desires in righteousness and trust in the Lord, he will always be there to lift us up when we need him. "

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