Monday, August 29, 2011

pictures i promised

+Still lots to be done, but remember the fact that nothing was decorated beforehand! One of my roomies and I went to Savers & got a lot of the things you see in our apartment. We painted/spray painted the wood items and found some cool baskets and decorations to try and make our place feel more homey!

My $3.99 find at savers! I had wanted a quote for my room, but they were all around 19.99 at Hobby Lobby so I decided against buying anything there. Good thing because I found the same one at Savers, but for much less mula :]

+Still reppin' ASU, even in Provo! Dropped down to 15 credits and my life is MUCH less stressful now.

+Don't mind my laundry in the corner! Doing that tonight. Focus on the birds!

++It's a work in progress, but it's nice actually being able to put time into this apartment since I know I will be here for a whole year instead of just a couple of months. More pictures to come in about a month...because I'm going down to AZ for a nice little visit :) I'll bring back some of my posters and things to hang on my walls! I'm really excited to see my friends and family. Can't wait!

[[September 22nd until the 26th]]


Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

such a cute little place :) :) I love it, and your little touches! annddd the picture of me and you you have hanging :) and YAYYYYY you're coming in a month!! can't wait. I love you! proud of you for dropping some need to kill yourself! ha.

Taylor Jones said...

why is your apartment the cutest thing in the world?!
jealous. x5.

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