Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY: ombre

So I am in no way licensed to give expert advice on hair. But, I would like to share how I went about loving the ombre look. Mainly, it gives me an excuse to let my roots grow out without looking like I am just too cheap to fix them (which I kind of 'em- broke college student at your service).

Step 1: My amazing friend Taylor helped me do a soap cap on my hair. This basically just tamed down the bleach and made it a little darker blonde.

Step 2:
John Frieda Lightening Spray!
+As my roots began to grow out I just used this amazing stuff to kind of help blend my natural color to the highlighted/bleached part. All you have to do is spray it on your roots after you shower & before you blow dry your hair! Nice and simple.

Sorry, I wish I had a better picture! But I can't tell you how much healthier my hair is. I haven't dyed it since January and my hair is like new :] I haven't even hardly seen more than half an inch of my natural hair color since I was in the seventh grade so it feels good! No more breakage & annoying fly-aways for me!
Thank you ombre.

Monday, August 29, 2011

pictures i promised

+Still lots to be done, but remember the fact that nothing was decorated beforehand! One of my roomies and I went to Savers & got a lot of the things you see in our apartment. We painted/spray painted the wood items and found some cool baskets and decorations to try and make our place feel more homey!

My $3.99 find at savers! I had wanted a quote for my room, but they were all around 19.99 at Hobby Lobby so I decided against buying anything there. Good thing because I found the same one at Savers, but for much less mula :]

+Still reppin' ASU, even in Provo! Dropped down to 15 credits and my life is MUCH less stressful now.

+Don't mind my laundry in the corner! Doing that tonight. Focus on the birds!

++It's a work in progress, but it's nice actually being able to put time into this apartment since I know I will be here for a whole year instead of just a couple of months. More pictures to come in about a month...because I'm going down to AZ for a nice little visit :) I'll bring back some of my posters and things to hang on my walls! I'm really excited to see my friends and family. Can't wait!

[[September 22nd until the 26th]]

Monday, August 22, 2011

oh the joy of locker rooms

Why people feel the need to walk around completely naked is beyond me. Yes, I understand that you just got out of the shower and are going to grab your clothes. But, a towel would be nice. If you are against towels, at least put something on before you stand in front of the mirror and get ready. I hate feeling super awkward when I wash my hands after using the restroom. It's bad enough seeing people over the age of 50 in their underwear, let alone in their birthday suit. Maybe I'm just super modest? Either that or these women have absolutely no shame whatsoever.

Scarred for life.

+School is already beginning to overwhelm me! I may drop down to 15 credits sooner than I thought. Not giving up yet though! Another Disney movie comes to mind... I swear it's all the movies I watch in Kid's Club at 24! Good thing I still love Disney.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

books are back

School officially started for ASU today. Kind of weird that I am in a different state and will not be going to any classes on campus this semester. I went to Walgreens to pick up a planner for school so I can keep my classes straight and realized how much I used to love back to school shopping. I even loved getting new school supplies! I spent the least amount of money possible, however, and sadly will not be doing any back-to-school-clothes-shopping like I would love to.

+18 credit hours.
+2 jobs.
+social life.

Bring it on.

I swear I make a complete fool out of myself at LEAST once a day. Usually lots more. Today after work I stopped by one of my cousin's favorite indian food restaurants to purchase a gift card for her and her hubs since they let me crash at their house for the last week - THANK YOU. After I took the wrong receipt & finally signed the correct one, I also took the pen for some reason {i'm going to use the excuse that my brain wasn't functioning properly after working both jobs one after the other each day for the past four days}. Except this pen was connected by a string to some random placemat-type thing people could write on. After I practically flung it to the ground, the turban-wearing worker just laughed at me and said "Everything is okay" aka code for: Get out of my nice restaurant; please & thank you.

Monday, August 15, 2011


At 24 all of the kids refer to me as "teacher".

"Teacher, I need to go potty"
"Teacher, he won't share"
"Teacher, she bit me"
"Teacher, he took that from me"
"Teacher, teacher, teacher"...

+It's funny because I actually see a lot of the parents and kids from Kid's Club while I am working at Yogurtland. Sometimes in the same day, like today for instance.

+favorite topping for my yogurt:

[MOCHI] // so good

Thursday, August 11, 2011

taking the bad with the good.

Want to know one of the worst parts about living in Provo? THESE shorts & shoes:

I do not understand why guys feel the need to wear cargo shorts, running shoes, and BYU shirts EVERY day of their lives. No you do not need to wear running shoes everywhere. No you do not have to wear cargo shorts every day. My friend told me that Provo is in the top ten of the worst dressed cities. I believe it!

So I FINALLY went running again. I went the first week I was up here and did half a mile and about died. Yesterday I did two and while that is still wimpy to me, I guess it is a start! I want to train for a half marathon again and hopefully this time I don't get really sick so I can actually follow through with the race :) The weather is SO much nicer to run in than back in Arizona so I am grateful for that.

"Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about."
- PattiSue Plummer, U.S. Olympian

"The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you."
- Unknown

+Want to know what's awesome about my job at 24? The last time I went it we had a dance off, watched Emperor's New Groove, played capture the flag & Uno. How do you beat that?! You can't. The free membership is nice too :)

& I'm really loving this song right now. Great for running to. Anyone else have any good tunes they like to run to? Let me know!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

life lesson

So yesterday was interesting...

+It started off at 8AM when my alarm clock went off so that I could get ready for work. I am used to 9-1 being the opening shift at Yogurtland. I showed up, gave the lead crap for being late, only to realize that I was NOT scheduled to work at all. I was SUPPOSED to be at 24-Hour Fitness for my second day of work. After the other worker asked if I was actually scheduled, all I said was "ah, crap!", and ran out the door, to my car, and raced home to change for my other job. Thank goodness my supervisor at Kid's Club was super cool about it because that would have been pretty awful. I made it there by 9:20 so it wasn't TOO bad. Still, I have never been late to a day of work in my life and I couldn't believe I had to be on my second day of finally-done-with-training shifts. Great impression, huh?

It gets better.

+ When I first moved up to Provo I was desperate for a job. I applied to be a secret shopper and at the end they offered me a couple of free magazines. I didn't want them, but caved after they "insisted". Pushy, pushy people. NEVER again though.
+ I got a call from a random number asking about my magazine order. After telling the lady I wanted it to be cancelled because I didn't want them in the first place, I was informed that it was her first day and I would have to speak to her supervisor because she could not do that. Supervisor #1: aka supervisor del diablo. She started off by saying I had a three year contract thing of some-sort, which through me for a LOOP because I had never even heard of the magazines she was talking about or the company's name. I told her that when the secret shopper company offered them to me, they said I would be notified before any actual payment so that I would be able to cancel since I had no intention of paying for them. She told me I was "playing dumb" (yes those were her exact words) and that all she could do was lower the amount of time to two years. This would not do. After being chewed out by an awful customer service lady, (k, so I had a little bit of attitude as well at this point, but she asked for it) she told me she would have to call me back. I said that was not going to happen and asked to speak to HER supervisor. Supervisor #2 aka el diablo segundo. I decided to be really polite since this new supervisor had not yet been rude to me and explain the situation because I was sure that this whole thing was in fact, ridiculous. After explaining she rambled on with a lot of rude comments as well and ended with the fact that she would cancel the "order", as if it had ever been placed.
+It's funny now, but at the time it blew my mind people could even frustrate me like that. I've dealt with a lot of annoying, ignorant, and frustrating people throughout my 2.5 years of retail, but these two took the cake. Usually people like that don't phase me, but this was a whole new level. What happened to good customer service anyhow? No clue. The whole time I was wondering in the back of my head if this was some sort of "cold call" or if I was being punked. Good news: Ashton and any cruel radio announcer were nowhere to be found.
Moral of the story: NEVER accept free magazines. Or anything of the sort.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

already august!

+My new home for the next year! aka Crestwood. Move in date is August 19. Can't believe I've already been up here for six weeks & that I move out of the Villa in three. Time flies! Aaaand school starts in 16 days. Haven't decided how I feel about that yet. All I know is that I am going to be SUPER busy, which is good. As long as I don't get tooo busy.

+Casie was up here for EFY last week & I loved it! Gotta love little sisters. We went to a free jazz concert with my ward and it decided to rain! It's been doing that a lot lately up here. Hence the blankets used for cover :)


+So I went the last four years without giving a talk. Two of them in my previous singles ward & I was never asked to speak in church. Less than two months in this ward and I got asked to talk. I spoke on Sunday and I don't really mind speaking in church, I just feel like I never have a whole lot to offer teaching wise. I like when I am teaching and people can comment and interact throughout it. It went smoothly, but I am glad it's over! Get to enjoy the first hour of church more when I am not sitting in the front. :) Here is the closing of my talk so you get an idea without me posting the whole shebang.

"I know that my family brings me so much joy in this life, and I cannot fathom the next one without them. I believe that it is through Christ that we can one day have eternal life and work towards exaltation. I know that faith, hope, and charity are intertwined and we must work at each one in order to become more like our Savior. It is my hope that we continue in faith, hope for the best, and be charitable towards others along the way. We cannot give up. It is up to us to remain positive throughout this stage of life and press forward with hope, leaving doubt and despair behind. It is up to us and us alone to rely on our Savior and Redeemer, the Hope of Israel. I know that if we anchor our desires in righteousness and trust in the Lord, he will always be there to lift us up when we need him. "
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