Monday, August 15, 2011


At 24 all of the kids refer to me as "teacher".

"Teacher, I need to go potty"
"Teacher, he won't share"
"Teacher, she bit me"
"Teacher, he took that from me"
"Teacher, teacher, teacher"...

+It's funny because I actually see a lot of the parents and kids from Kid's Club while I am working at Yogurtland. Sometimes in the same day, like today for instance.

+favorite topping for my yogurt:

[MOCHI] // so good


The Merrills said...

I love Mochi too!! I used to think it was some weird gross thing, but Nicks mom and sister introduced me to it, and its become a fave of mine too! I wish we could come to your Yogurtland! haha loves!

Trell said...

I'm addicted to Mochi!!!!!!!!!

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