Thursday, August 18, 2011

books are back

School officially started for ASU today. Kind of weird that I am in a different state and will not be going to any classes on campus this semester. I went to Walgreens to pick up a planner for school so I can keep my classes straight and realized how much I used to love back to school shopping. I even loved getting new school supplies! I spent the least amount of money possible, however, and sadly will not be doing any back-to-school-clothes-shopping like I would love to.

+18 credit hours.
+2 jobs.
+social life.

Bring it on.

I swear I make a complete fool out of myself at LEAST once a day. Usually lots more. Today after work I stopped by one of my cousin's favorite indian food restaurants to purchase a gift card for her and her hubs since they let me crash at their house for the last week - THANK YOU. After I took the wrong receipt & finally signed the correct one, I also took the pen for some reason {i'm going to use the excuse that my brain wasn't functioning properly after working both jobs one after the other each day for the past four days}. Except this pen was connected by a string to some random placemat-type thing people could write on. After I practically flung it to the ground, the turban-wearing worker just laughed at me and said "Everything is okay" aka code for: Get out of my nice restaurant; please & thank you.


Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

you make me laugh so hard!! man I miss you. you are hilarious...i love that story. and i love that you have the emperors new groove video. "Bring it on"! I feel you, i'm scared to start!!! we're in it together. good luck. love you ky!

Kylee said...

i'm so excited for you lauris! You're going to rock it. When do you start?!

P.S. I miss quoting disney movies with you! :] You always knew what I was talking about.

Mrs. T said...

SOO happy to have found your blog! As soon as I arrived, I knew I'd like it! Going to go do some more reading now...

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