Sunday, January 29, 2012

sister's skinnys

I have only gotten my toes done once in my life, and that is because my little sister took me for my birthday last year. I will NEVER forget this day.

We were driving home and she mentioned how she couldn't get her pants to roll back down from when she shoved them up for the pedicure.  I just laughed and shook the statement off.

We get home and she is in her room and starts freaking out because her pants are literally STUCK on her calf. She can't budge them off and they are starting to cut off her circulation.

I go in to try and help her, but to no avail.

My mom runs in and tries to help also, but they just will NOT budge.

My sister curses her muscular calves and is starting to panic because they're now hurting.

My mom has her unbutton her pants and we try and pull them off from the other way so we have more material to hold onto and pull by. This STILL doesn't work and at this point i'm laughing so much I can barely muster any strength to try and help pull them off.

My ten-year-old brother comes in the doorway to see what the big deal is and my sister yells at him  "GET OUUUT!" since she's in her undies.

My mom starts freaking out and my sister is panicking.  She is trying to grip onto something because we are pulling her pants so much that she keeps creeping towards the end of the bed. She has nothing really to hold onto besides her mattress so she keeps trying to grip it with her arms spread out to the side of her.  (I meanwhile am trying my hardest to not find the whole situation as funny as it is so I can be of some help.) My mom isn't thinking clearly and yells, "Kylee! This isn't funny! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL!" 

That did it for me. I was done. I fell onto the ground laughing hysterically. A couple of minutes later-no thanks to my help- the pants FINALLY came off. And we all sat on the ground laughing until we couldn't hardly breathe.

Best ten minutes of my life.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Embarrassing story time.

So one question people see to always ask, but I can never think of an answer is: "What is your most embarrassing moment?" I feel like I do stupid things all of the time, but I usually just roll them off and forget about them unless I write them down.

It is not necessarily crucial that I write this story down because there is no possible way I could ever forget it; however, I feel like you guys may or may not get a kick out of my recollection of a very embarrassing few minutes of my life.

For the sake of anonymity, this story is about a boy I will refer to as Jack.  Jack and I had been hanging out for a couple of weeks. Went on a couple of dates, but were not in the slightest "dating".  I tagged along on a road trip to Utah so I could visit some of my close friends and my cousin up there.  After the drive home Jack drove me to my aunt's house since my family was there as well.  We walked into a room inclusive of my WHOLE mom's side of the family as well as some of the in-laws' as well.  He met my grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents- the whole dang family.  (And we weren't even dating. Poor guy.)

After Jack left, my dad of all people decides to voice this observation aloud for all those around us to hear: "Well, looks like you guys had some fun on your trip home".  I asked what he was talking about and my uncle chimed in, "Yea, I thought that was a hickey on his neck!"

I can assure you I turned more red than any deep shade of red you have ever seen! My family continued to tease me for a few minutes until the football game took on the spotlight, which I can assure you I had no complaints about.  Talk about embarrassing right? I think the worst part was that it wasn't ME with the hickey so I looked like the little temptress. Great way to appear in front of the grandparents, right?

Can anyone top it? If so, I'd love to hear!

Friday, January 20, 2012


When you have a bad dream, you usually try your best to fall back asleep again so you can forget about it, right? Well I do.

But, this time it was just the opposite. I didn't want to go back to sleep because I wanted to remember this one forever.

I wrote this down right after I woke up so I would not forget some of the most important details...

"He had my nose, lips like mine, light green eyes, and he was beautiful. I don't remember his name, but I do remember how it felt for me to be in love: warm, safe and completely happy.  Like somehow I knew everything was going to be okay."

Now I've never been in love, but I imagine that is something like what it will feel like for me in the future.

I could hardly bring myself out of bed this morning because I just wanted to hold on to the dream and never let go.

Crazy how they can seem so real isn't it?

How their face, touch, scent and everything else just seem so REAL.

Kinda freaky, actually.

Here's to unbelievable dreams! Happy Friday :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pet Peeves

1.  The phrase "pet peeves".
2.  Stepping on sticky rice with bare feet.
3.  Stepping in a puddle of water from the shower/bath just after you put nice, warm socks on.
4.  Gum smackers.
5.  People who chew with their mouth open and noisy eaters in general.
6.  Incorrect usage of "There, theirs, and they're". "To, too, two"...  etc.
7.  When a perfectly good pen stops working or runs out of ink.
8.  Incessant, vulgar language.
9.  Parking spot stealers.
10.  Drivers that pull out in front of me, but proceed to accelerate extremely slow.
11.  Flakers.
12.  Customer Service reps that I cannot understand for the life of me.
13.  Slow internet connections.
14.  People who litter.
15.  People who do not understand the art of sarcasm.
16.  When people say "Oh-em-gee".   Gag.
17.  Socks that slip under your ankle when you walk.
18.  Socks with holes in them.

Welp, that's the list for now. Any good ones I missed?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Payson, AZ

This past weekend I went to Payson, AZ with my family. Here are some random pictures from the trip:

My Grandpa Jim's grave in Pine, AZ. My dad's dad who died when I was five years old. It was good getting to go see the grave since I hadn't been able to go for quite some time.

Cutest house I've ever seen. 

Siblings and cousins that made it on the trip! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Addicting past times...

Yesterday I hiked the Dacite Mesa Loop in the Superstition Mountains. If you are in the Arizona area, I highly recommend it. But know that your quads, calves, and glutes will be screaming the day after. Holyyy cow. Emphasis on the HOLY part. Definitely worth the pain though. The hike was challenging, yet so beautiful. I really do love Arizona.
My run today was tough.  I didn't walk, but my pace was slower than normal. My legs felt like I had 50lb weights attached to each of them. Thank goodness for a rest day tomorrow! Hopefully Thursday's five miles will come a bit easier. Then back to six on Saturday!

Okay, so I kind of have two television obsessions right now & I hope I'm not the only one...
Vampire Diaries:


Both are EXTREMELY addicting. Beware: Great way to waste time and procrastinate homework...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

just runnin' around.

The other day one of the little boys I babysit asked me:

"Kylee, why is there a ring on your foot?  ... Why is there a ring on both of your foots?"

The way kids talk never gets old.

Running is funny. I never know from one day to the next how my runs are going to go until I am actually out there pounding the pavement.

Monday: was sick all weekend and this was the first one after feeling up to it, somewhat.  Worst three miles of my life! K maybe not that bad, but I did have to stop and walk a lot which was really disappointing.

Tuesday: Went from a 10-something mile pace for three miles down to 8:56. One minute down! More to go. Or at least chip away at it :)

Wednesday: Day off

Thursday (today):  Five miles of pure bliss! Okay maybe that's exaggerating a bit, but really it felt great! Ran at a 9:30 minute pace.  Gotta get that down.

Friday is another day off and Saturday brings a six mile run.

I've learned that the art of running can be completely mental.  Anyone else feel this way? The easiest running days for me are when my head is in it. Even if my body is struggling and my legs feel really heavy, as long as my head is in it I always pull through.

Maybe that's just how things in general are. As long as my head is in it, I always pull through.

And now all I can think about is that High School Musical song "Gotta get your head in the game". Lame, I know. But now I bet you're singing it in your head :)

Random side note: Last night sleep decided to not come easily for me. I honestly thought that I never fell asleep the whopping four hours that I was laying in bed.  But then to my surprise, I remembered part of a dream I had. I got up out of bed saying "I had a dream!" excited that I did actually sleep a bit.  Then I started singing "I got a dream, I've got some dreams..." Picture the old, creepy cupid guy from Tangled and you'll know what part I'm talking about. If not, here is the clip.

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