Friday, January 20, 2012


When you have a bad dream, you usually try your best to fall back asleep again so you can forget about it, right? Well I do.

But, this time it was just the opposite. I didn't want to go back to sleep because I wanted to remember this one forever.

I wrote this down right after I woke up so I would not forget some of the most important details...

"He had my nose, lips like mine, light green eyes, and he was beautiful. I don't remember his name, but I do remember how it felt for me to be in love: warm, safe and completely happy.  Like somehow I knew everything was going to be okay."

Now I've never been in love, but I imagine that is something like what it will feel like for me in the future.

I could hardly bring myself out of bed this morning because I just wanted to hold on to the dream and never let go.

Crazy how they can seem so real isn't it?

How their face, touch, scent and everything else just seem so REAL.

Kinda freaky, actually.

Here's to unbelievable dreams! Happy Friday :)


Victoria said...

I love your sunny disposition and your blog makes me smile :) I've had wonderful dreams I never wanted to wake up from as well. Such a wonderful feeling :)


rach. said...

LOVE this.

love, rach.

Erin Grace said...

Had this type of dream before and it is heavenly. :)

Barbara said...

I love that feeling of waking up from a great dream and re-playing it over and over in your mind. Good thing you wrote it down so you can never forget :)

megan danielle said...

just found your blog and i loveee it! dreams are the greatest arent they?

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