Saturday, October 29, 2011

falling for fall!

So I went to Sundance with my friend Allie earlier this week and the scenery is BEAUTIFUL. I am going to miss fall! Not ready for the snow quite yet...

Greasy hair before work = Time for my own modification of the waterfall braid!

Quicky, easy, and got it all out of my face. Mission accomplished!

Halloween Costume Round 2: FLO! [The Progressive Insurance lady] And Allie the mime!

BTW: I won 2nd place in a costume contest! Lost to Where's Waldo :/ So close!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

distractions, distractions.

So with all online school I am CONSTANTLY distracted.

Sometimes I think I will not be able to stand it even one more day. Senioritis has hit full force. And I still have 34 credits 'til graduation; that could be a problem.

I will be partway through an assignment, but since I am on my COMPUTER, I may as well check facebook, my blog, my bank account.. browse pinterest, watch a tv show, chat with someone... the possibilities are endless my friends!

Not to mention... it is just that much easier to walk away from. I am not in a classroom on campus being forced to listen to lectures. I can pause mine and go run errands or make a million excuses of other things I would much rather be doing.

Anyone else have problems with such distractions?

+On a random side note, I have noticed how ridiculous I am after work if I am still in uniform. Listen to how pathetic this is... So one day I went to lunch with my friend after work. We went to the frozen yogurt place next door afterwards. To hide my embarrassment I tried as hard as I could to hide the YOGURTLAND logo on my lime green polo. Bet they didn't even notice a thing.

Also, I feel obligated to be super healthy when I am in my 24 Hour Fitness work shirt, so if I happen to be wearing it and buying something like let's say a soda, I also try my best to cover the dang logo.

Not that people would really care, but I still feel like they'd be judging me! You know? Maybe I'm just paranoid. "Look at that gym girl buying soda, doesn't she know how bad soda is for you?"

Sunday, October 23, 2011

i'm a road

Alright guys, if I were to get fat off of one thing and one thing alone.. I'd probably have to say I'd

choose this stuff right here...

Since that is not necessarily on my to-do this, I found THIS amazing recipe. Healthy nutella. Is that

even possible? I guess it's definitely worth a try!

I was a ROAD for my work party with the girls at 24. Make note of the clever 'speed bump'. :)

Best line from work the other day at kid's club? "Teacher it smells like poop in here. And I'm thinking it was probably the baby."  
Kids are so brutally honest.  My coworker was told she looks like a potato.  Another kid assured her "You don't look like a potato, just a couch potato."  Thanks??

I was going to Walgreens to get tape the other day for my very last minute road costume and was talking on the phone to my supervisor for ideas. I unknowingly walked right into a cloud of smoke and I'm sure my reaction was priceless. I was assured of how true that was when the worker ringing me up at the end thanked me for being his entertainment for the night. 
Thank you random smoke machine; next time I'll be prepared.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

taking you back...

So this is going to be super short and really random {like the alliteration? - the wannabe writer in me occationally comes out..}, BUT let me tell you: this video had to be posted. If you grew up in the 90's this is the PERFECT compilation of many eclectic tv shows/movies/commercials that were all popular back in the day. If this doesn't bring back great memories..well there may be no hope for you! I couldn't even create a list of my favorites because there are just TOO many! What were some of yours? If I HAD to pick a favorite of mine, it would probably be Boy Meets World though, just saying.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

foot in the mouth

*The names of people involved in this story have been changed to prevent further foot in the mouth moments*

So the other day I went to my friend Jake's house to watch a movie. Jake has a friend named Matt who I always saw hanging out with a girl named Lindsay. Lindsay has long, brown hair. Got that? So I walked in and sat on the couch next to Matt and saw a girl cuddled up next to him, resting her head on his leg while laying on the couch. Girl has long, brown hair. I assumed this girl was Lindsay. [In my defense, it was really dark] Without really thinking anything of it I blurt out, "OH! is that Linsday?!" Because I really love Lindsay and was excited because I hadn't seen her for a while.

...terrible moment of realization hits me when the girl sits up and says...

"Hi, I'm Kelly."


Awful! How do you get out of that? Let me tell you: you don't. You sit there trying to hide a complete look of shock and horror, that's what you do.

Needless to say, Matt told me later he was glad it happened because she was crazy and didn't even live in Utah. I still felt pretty stupid regardless.
Moral of the story:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hey guys! I'm being featured over here and here today. Go check it out :)

& here is a video about this girl's reaction when she is told she is going to disneyland. Enjoy :)

Little Girl Gets Disneyland Surprise Present - Watch MoreFunny Videos

Happy Tuesday everyone! Off to work!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I bet every single one of you knows someone personally who has or has had some form of cancer.  It is a disease that affects the lives of so many people. Cancer doesn't care about if you're healthy or not. My grandma is the most healthy person I know who takes such great care of herself.  My grandma is sick. She was diagnosed about a month ago with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. She recently went through her first round of chemotherapy and hopefully the cancer responds to it. 

I'm sharing this because I know so many people are going through similar challenges and facing terrible sicknesses in their families/friends as well.  I just want to post a few pictures my sister sent me that definitely made me choke up a bit, but also cheered me up and made my day! ((thanks sis)) These are some of the sweetest boys in the whole world. I love them all so much and am so touched that they buzzed/shaved their heads to help cheer up and support my grandma since she recently lost all of her hair. Aren't they just the cutest things ever? Best boys I know, hands down.

My cute little brothers are on the opposite ends of this picture. Such goofballs that I miss having around to always make me laugh :]

I just pray everyday that if it is meant to be, my grandma will be able to make it through this! She is strong & I hope with everything in me that that is the case.  She is the sweetest lady, and I hope for my grandpa's sake and my family's sake, as well as her's, she can pull through. I love you! I love you all, miss you guys so much!

I hope these pictures make you guys smile like they were able to do for me :) 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

a story that had to be told...

+How many of you have been on terrible dates? This is a story one of my friend's wrote and I love it because I have been on a couple similar ones.

Dear Mr. Boring,
     When you asked me on that date the other night, I was flattered. I thought you were cute and probably a really fun guy. It wasn't until I started asking you question after question that I realized you and I had nothing to talk about! Listen, normally in conversation when someone asks you a question, they expect you to ask the same question back. Sooo.. when I was asking questions like, "Ok, so what's your favorite kind of food?" and with only your short reply to draw from I moved on to, "Well, what's your favorite color?" and after another simple response from you I finally resorted to, "Ya, well in case you were wondering my favorite meal is sushi, and my favorite color is blue..."


Here is a story about a date I went on a couple of years back...


It started out on a cold winter day in Arizona. I say cold and laugh at the thought now that I live in UTAH. And it's not even "winter" yet here. Kill me!

Anyways, I was asked to go with a big GROUP on a cabin trip a few hours north in Flagstaff, Arizona.  The boy came and picked me up at my house. We drove to my friend Taylor's to pick her up. Then we headed to our other friend's where we were all supposed to be meeting up at... Little did we know it would just be the four of us on this little outing.

Because the truck we were driving was in fact, not four-wheel drive, we had to trek to the cabin.  When we finally reached the place, a key item was missing from the boy's possession. A KEY to the cabin. (a "key" item = my stupid humor) Anyways, we used a screw driver and somehow broke into the cabin. At this point I'm even wondering if it was his or not...kidding. But really, that would be an even better ending to the story, right?

No fear, lots of good details to come.  The pipes were frozen, so there would be no plumbing on this little adventure of ours. "No plumbing" are two words us girls just looove to hear.  It starts snowing, so at least we made it inside of the cabin where we can get warm, right?

WRONG. Well okay kind of right. But not for long! We had about an hours worth of firewood and then the supply burned out, literally.  And I froze to death, figuratively.  I was forced to cuddle next to a boy I was not necessarily interested in and this detail made for an awfully awkward & long night.  If I had any other options this would not have been the case. But since the only heater in the cabin broke after about thirty minutes of use, it was either cuddle or lose a few toes.

Probably not, but I turn into dramatic girl when I am cold. The 14 inches of snow that dumped on Flagstaff Arizona throughout the evening resulted in the truck getting stuck. Go figure. Luckily a nice old man helped plow us out of there.

Moral of the story: There are always a few key items needed when planning a cabin trip: a KEY, four-wheel drive vehicle, un-frozen pipes, firewood, heaters that don't break, and interested girls.


+++I want to hear YOUR stories. E-mail them to me ( and maybe they'll end up here for everyone else to enjoy as well.  Perhaps I'll have people vote on the BEST worst date story. Details later!

P.S. Here are some pictures to illustrate our adventure...Both boys are now married, so that makes it okay to share this story, correct?  For the record, it really was a fun date. I laughed more than I probably ever have on a date, but still...the story had to be told!

Our trek to the cabin...

Attempting to break in without a key! & our solution to the plumbing issue...

Lots & lots of snow overnight!

I will laugh if somehow these boys EVER see this...which they won't. BUT if they do, don't hate me :)

Together, we made it! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

got that bug!

Alright guys, I have been blowing my nose 24-7 for the past two days. Got some sort of bug...  For some reason my nose decided to be runny & stuffy at the same time. I've been going through toilet paper like crazy because we have no tissues. But the trash can fills up super fast, which tends to get annoying.  The only solution that comes to mind is this strategy... Think it'll work?

---So I've been stuck at home and am sick of doing school work.  I've been needing a good laugh and then I stumbled upon this awesome video on my friend Keisha's blog. I want a baby this animated! Pleeeaaase.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

being a girl

So this whole being a girl thing is not always the greatest. I mean think about it. First of all, there are the 3 terrible P's.  Periods, PMS, and pregnancy. All painful. I've never been pregnant, but I can only imagine.  Also, getting ready takes much longer than for guys. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to just get dressed and put some cologne on after a shower and be good to go?

BUT... would we really want to give up our pretty clothes and jewelry? I don't know if I would.

& what about our hair? I hate having to do my hair, but i LOVE it at the same time. I don't think I'd want to give it up.

So I guess my conclusion is that I do enjoy being a girl. I'd never heard this song before until today... My roommate was walking around singing it. Inspiration for this post!

What's the worst/best part of being a girl for you guys?

+And click here for a funny clip from the show Friends about a time when Ross kisses Rachel and how different their reactions to their friends are afterwards. For some reason it won't let me embed it onto here. Enjoy though, love that show!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cutest cover!

My boss knows this little girl and showed me the video at work this morning. You have to watch the whole thing! The singing is amazing for her age & the dance moves towards the end are so funny! cute, cute...

Four Year Old Girls Cover "Super Bass" - Watch MoreFunny Videos

Also... An AWESOME video by Elder Holland. I saw this on my friend Kimberly's blog and absolutely loved it. Definitely worth taking a few minutes out of your day to watch!

“Don't you quit. You keep walking, you keep trying, there is help and happiness ahead. Some blessings come soon. Some come late. Some don't come until heaven. But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. It will be alright in the end. Trust God and believe in Good Things to Come.”

― Jeffrey R. Holland

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


K I feel like such a fatty right now! I wish I had the excuse that I was growing or pregnant or something, but seriously LOOK at these recipes. Pinterest gets me into trouble with wanting all of these good desserts. Good thing I don't bake very often or I would need bigger pants, which are not in my budget.

And on a random note, I keep losing socks. I don't know what happens between the washer and the dryer, but I swear the dryer eats them or something because they always disappear! Who wants to spend money on socks anyways? I need to find some of those super cute ones for my boots. Anyone know where to get 'em? Anyways, back to the food...

OH! And Yogurland now has PUMPKIN PIE yogurt. To die for. Make sure to enter the giveaway for a free gift card here. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mr. Snuggles

Meet Mr. Snuggles:

Aka: new bf

First thing I thought when I walked into our apartment and saw this HUGE bear was that it had to go. THEN... I had the brilliant idea that it definitely needed to be left on someone's front door as a joke. So what do the roommate and I do? Doorbell ditch people of course! And we picked up a couple of friends along the way who wanted to join in on the childhood fun & night of complete immaturity.
Worth it?
You bet.

I wish we would have thought to film people's reactions sooner! We would prop Mr. Snuggles up against the door so when people opened up, it would fall right into their apartment. SO funny. "Whaaat the?" was probably the most common reaction. Got plenty of good laughs and some people thought it was a gift and tried to steal the bear...Don't worry one of the guys would run back in and snatch the bear so we could continue on!

For our last apartment we were going to do one of the guys wanted to try something new... The reaction was a cold and quick shut of the door. BUT we got a huge kick out of it, so I guess that's all that matters :]

Happy Monday tomorrow everyone :]
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