Sunday, October 23, 2011

i'm a road

Alright guys, if I were to get fat off of one thing and one thing alone.. I'd probably have to say I'd

choose this stuff right here...

Since that is not necessarily on my to-do this, I found THIS amazing recipe. Healthy nutella. Is that

even possible? I guess it's definitely worth a try!

I was a ROAD for my work party with the girls at 24. Make note of the clever 'speed bump'. :)

Best line from work the other day at kid's club? "Teacher it smells like poop in here. And I'm thinking it was probably the baby."  
Kids are so brutally honest.  My coworker was told she looks like a potato.  Another kid assured her "You don't look like a potato, just a couch potato."  Thanks??

I was going to Walgreens to get tape the other day for my very last minute road costume and was talking on the phone to my supervisor for ideas. I unknowingly walked right into a cloud of smoke and I'm sure my reaction was priceless. I was assured of how true that was when the worker ringing me up at the end thanked me for being his entertainment for the night. 
Thank you random smoke machine; next time I'll be prepared.


Autumn said...

I love your costume, so original!

I really like your new layout too :)

Trell said...

Hahahah love the speed bump! So funny! Did you come up with this costume idea your self?

Elisabeth said...

I LOVE nutella - i made bread last night just to have something warm to put it on - although occasionally i'll sneak a spoonful even if there's no bread in the house..i'll have to try this recipe :) thanks for sharing!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

That looks amazing!

Ali said...

The speed bump is too funny! And kids really do say the darndest things.

Digger said...

That's the cutest costume idea ever!! And I LOVE the blog design! So cute! :) Thank you for the comment over on my blog! I'm so happy to make new friends!

Digger ~xoxo~

Kyla said...

I so wish I could eat nutella - unfortunately, I'm allergic! And your costume is so creative and cute! The "speed bump" is great.

alyssa said...

oh my goodness this looks SO delicious! i'm going back to paris in january and i cannot wait to snack on nutella and learn new chocolate recipes :)

lovely blog, i'm following!


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