Friday, September 30, 2011

favorites & fall.

Favorite perfume:

Favorite earrings: (F21 a couple of summers ago)

Favorite necklace: (Rue21)

Favorite pants: (H&M)

+K, so I LOVE the colors of fall. PLUS I look better in them, which helps. The green sweater on the left is from the LOFT (clearance), and the other three are from H&M which in turn means SUPER good deals. Love that store! Hate that there isn't one around here. Made sure I went in Arizona!

+Found this little baby at Name Brand Exchange, also in Arizona. Looks like new! LOVE it. Volcom jacket for only 18 big ones!

+And I FINALLY got things on my walls. hallelujah! Feels more like home, you know?

+My favorite clock, ever.

+All you need is love... & the Beatles!

Any Beatles' fans out there?

rock climbing time!

A couple of guys in my ward have asked me to go rock climbing three different times. The first two were SUPER last minute so of course I was already working. Finally this time I got to go :] We went to Rock Canyon in Provo and it's SO pretty. The leaves are starting to change and the weather is amazing right now.

Ribs & Jacob

Meet Paul:

The other girls on the trip!

Here I go!

Blurry, but I have to prove I got to the top!


So gorgeous. I want to go hike it for real next time! We only went about 15 minutes up the trail to get to the spot we climbed.

+Leaves are changing, woo :)

Do you guys ever go climbing? If not, GO! If so, where?!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yogurtland giveaway!

Who doesn't want free Yogurtland, right?

+A $15 giftcard is up for grabs thanks to the Yogurtland in Orem, Utah. So good. I work there, I should know. I have yet to meet a woman who does not like frozen yogurt, but if you're one of the rare exceptions this may not appeal to you.
+BUT, if you're one of the normal ones, the way to enter is simple...

1. Just post a little blurb about Yogurtland on your blog somewhere.
2. Comment on this post telling me you did Step 1 so I can do the random generator to see who wins. {follow if you want info. on future giveaways}

*The last day to enter will be October 6th! Because the gift card will be given away at this little event...

So yes, you must be going to this in order to enter!
-ALSO, coupons will be given to everyone in attendance. So.. COME :)

I'm sorry if you do not live in the Provo/Orem area. Additional giveaways may follow in the future for others as well :]

Good luck!


**After reviewing some pictures in my Photo Booth, I found some distinct and shocking resemblances...









If nothing else gets you, the eyebrow at the VERY last second will.
weirdo from Kylee Patterson on Vimeo.

I don't know where he comes up with this stuff. Maybe it's only funny at like 2 in the morning. Anyone else have little brothers like this?
little bro from Kylee Patterson on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

long overdue!

So I went home this past weekend and it was great :) Well, it didn't start out so great. I got home Thursday night and was throwing up at three in the morning, yuucky. But I did enjoy getting to see who I could after I finally started feeling better!

Welcome to my 10 year-old brother's room :]

My 14 year-old brother's hand is HUGE compared to mine...weird. Stop growing up!

Got to help me sis get ready for the Homecoming dance! Good timing :)

Her friend's cute waterfall braid! On my list of things to learn. So pretty!

My sis's AWESOME sparkly shoes. I want soooome!

A joke picture for my pops...

Fav! I love this one of her :) She's so stinking cute.

My little brother decided to try on Casie's shoes... not much has changed!

Casie & her date Tyler :]

My best friend Aubree's cute baby boy Brigham! Growing up wayyy too fast already.

Look at those eyes and eyelashes!

Loves his mama.

Always so animated :)


My little brother Rylan's favorite place to eat..In & Out! Yuuuum.

My favorites! Rylan & the cute baby I used to nanny! Except she is 18 mo. today, not so much of a baby anymore. CRAZY!

Other cute girl I used to watch all of the time :)

Those eyes!

Four cutest kids, ever. Miss them!

& The oldest girl made me these cute pictures. Already miss that family!

Even after being sick, it was well worth the trip home! Now I've just got to get back into the swing of things with work and school. It's harder than last time though! Do you get Senioritis in college too? Because I'm pretty sure I've got it bad.

Oh! I also went shopping when I was home. FINALLY. I'll have to post some of my finds later... Yay for new clothes :)
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