Monday, September 12, 2011

from friday

+So Friday night I got a call from my roommate Brooklyn asking if I wanted to go to the Rascal Flatts & Sara Evans concert..Mmmm...DUH! K so it was SUCH a fun show. They were both amazing live and I had a blast!

My roomie got me into this: 44 cents for the best ice ever (aka: sonic) and the limes in it are super good!
Those fruitsnacks led to my awesome red tongue featured below...

Sara Evans! So awesome to see her live. Surprised me how much of her music i knew! She played such great songs and I only didn't know one of them. Such a cool lady! 7 kids?! She's amazing!

Rascal Flatt's set was AWESOME. I'm trying to get my videos from my phone online, but having a little trouble uploading them. Hopefully I can figure that out soon. How do you guys upload your videos from your phones? Hmmm..

My cute roomie Brooklyn! So lucky she asked me to go :)
The whole gang!
+Please excuse the quality of all of the pictures! My phone doesn't do very well at night time & my other camera's battery was dead.


Mrs. T said...

Looks like such fun!! Nice red tongue..haha

Lena said...

woohoo! You are coming home! We miss you around here! How long will you be here? Would you have time to take our pics? You are the only person who can get ALL of the kids to smile...and I think I want a picture of all the kids touching my belly... I think...if no time, I understand. : )

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