Tuesday, September 6, 2011

one of those days.

Have you ever had that realization that you indeed ARE talking to yourself, but did not notice until someone started looking at you funny? Well, I have! It was awesome... I was walking out to my car after work today & pushed the unlock button on my keys several times, but to no avail. I tried a couple of more times until I realized, "Oh, duh - totally not my car! Thought it was.. where is it?" Except instead of just thinking that, I apparently said it out loud and got a funny look from a random stranger. Maybe it was more of a slightly understanding look almost saying, "Ohhhh, you've had one of THOSE days? I have those too".

[[Sometimes I feel like I'm still stuck in mine.]]


Cat said...

I am guilty of constantly talking to myself ... I am sure there are plenty of strangers out there that think I am crazy!

{I have also mistaken someone else's car for my own ... it is embarrassing, huh?}

xx Cat

Kelli Diane said...

LOVE it Thanks a bunch! and yes I have those days just about every day! : )

Pia said...

Ha this is funny.
I haven't caught myself talking to myself yet (but I am sure I do it though), but my boyfriend talks to himself all the time. It's too cute, really.

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