Friday, September 30, 2011

favorites & fall.

Favorite perfume:

Favorite earrings: (F21 a couple of summers ago)

Favorite necklace: (Rue21)

Favorite pants: (H&M)

+K, so I LOVE the colors of fall. PLUS I look better in them, which helps. The green sweater on the left is from the LOFT (clearance), and the other three are from H&M which in turn means SUPER good deals. Love that store! Hate that there isn't one around here. Made sure I went in Arizona!

+Found this little baby at Name Brand Exchange, also in Arizona. Looks like new! LOVE it. Volcom jacket for only 18 big ones!

+And I FINALLY got things on my walls. hallelujah! Feels more like home, you know?

+My favorite clock, ever.

+All you need is love... & the Beatles!

Any Beatles' fans out there?


Courtney said...

Kylee I absolutely LOVE your earring collection!!! And yay for getting up wall hangings. I always struggle with putting things up on my walls. Not sure why but it seems so permanent. I do the lean thing where you just lean the frames up against the wall until further notice. Ha! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today.

Gentri said...

Flower Bomb is my favorite too!! :D It is amazing! Mmmm I need to get some more... I've been out for way too long. And we ARE getting an H&M very soon! This month I think?

Kylee said...

Whaaaat?! K that makes me SO happy. Where at??

Taylor Jones said...

whereeee did you get that beatles picture from?! i want. i want. i want.

Kylee said...

@Tay: I got it at Hobby Lobby :)

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