Sunday, October 9, 2011

being a girl

So this whole being a girl thing is not always the greatest. I mean think about it. First of all, there are the 3 terrible P's.  Periods, PMS, and pregnancy. All painful. I've never been pregnant, but I can only imagine.  Also, getting ready takes much longer than for guys. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to just get dressed and put some cologne on after a shower and be good to go?

BUT... would we really want to give up our pretty clothes and jewelry? I don't know if I would.

& what about our hair? I hate having to do my hair, but i LOVE it at the same time. I don't think I'd want to give it up.

So I guess my conclusion is that I do enjoy being a girl. I'd never heard this song before until today... My roommate was walking around singing it. Inspiration for this post!

What's the worst/best part of being a girl for you guys?

+And click here for a funny clip from the show Friends about a time when Ross kisses Rachel and how different their reactions to their friends are afterwards. For some reason it won't let me embed it onto here. Enjoy though, love that show!


Gentri said...

oh I love that song. :) And ya, being a girl is TOUGH work! So I was thinking we should have a YSA Blogger party. (just a chill night with those of us who are still single- or not married anyways.) What do you think?

Erin said...

Ha ha I was getting ready with some girlfriends for a wedding this weekend and we had this exact conversation! :) We do have a lot of work being girls! I love this girl's hair!

Lauren Gardner said...

Ok so i read your comment about tickets to the twilight showing and i had two thoughts... first one was that all us bloggers should go to it together! Girls night! and the second thought wasnt so much a thought as I had dreams of taylor lautner last night. Weird right? lol.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

K Kylee, you are exactly like me! I hate being a girl, but I also love it... HA! Check out this post. Number one reason why I HATE it!
I think you'll think it's funny :)

Christina Marie said...

ha, thats so cute and so true! love the post, LOVE doris day:)
thanks so much for stopping by, and yes, ready-made pottery is such a big help!

lowercase letters said...

ahhhh! her hair is SO pretty! love that braid to the moon and back. wish she would come do that on my hair! :)
thanks so much for following my little spot, i'm following yours too! i love your black and white blog.

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