Thursday, January 5, 2012

just runnin' around.

The other day one of the little boys I babysit asked me:

"Kylee, why is there a ring on your foot?  ... Why is there a ring on both of your foots?"

The way kids talk never gets old.

Running is funny. I never know from one day to the next how my runs are going to go until I am actually out there pounding the pavement.

Monday: was sick all weekend and this was the first one after feeling up to it, somewhat.  Worst three miles of my life! K maybe not that bad, but I did have to stop and walk a lot which was really disappointing.

Tuesday: Went from a 10-something mile pace for three miles down to 8:56. One minute down! More to go. Or at least chip away at it :)

Wednesday: Day off

Thursday (today):  Five miles of pure bliss! Okay maybe that's exaggerating a bit, but really it felt great! Ran at a 9:30 minute pace.  Gotta get that down.

Friday is another day off and Saturday brings a six mile run.

I've learned that the art of running can be completely mental.  Anyone else feel this way? The easiest running days for me are when my head is in it. Even if my body is struggling and my legs feel really heavy, as long as my head is in it I always pull through.

Maybe that's just how things in general are. As long as my head is in it, I always pull through.

And now all I can think about is that High School Musical song "Gotta get your head in the game". Lame, I know. But now I bet you're singing it in your head :)

Random side note: Last night sleep decided to not come easily for me. I honestly thought that I never fell asleep the whopping four hours that I was laying in bed.  But then to my surprise, I remembered part of a dream I had. I got up out of bed saying "I had a dream!" excited that I did actually sleep a bit.  Then I started singing "I got a dream, I've got some dreams..." Picture the old, creepy cupid guy from Tangled and you'll know what part I'm talking about. If not, here is the clip.


Erin said...

Ha ha you make me smile :) I could not sleep either...not doing so good in that department lately!

rinniez said...

ohhh yep you that HSM song in my head - not that its hard, it gets in my head suprisingly often actualy :/ xx

Daisy said...

Haha, I like that movie! I want to be able to run 5 miles :/ ahhh

Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

I'm so proud of you running girl!!!! sorry you were sick...i've been sick aallll week :( stinks. I laughed at that video. ha. I love you!! keep up the running!! woohoo!

Paulinne said...

great blog:))) Here Often I look.

invite me to blog if you like, and to observe

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