Thursday, July 28, 2011

double time!

Job #2:

+Got the 2nd interview and then the job :]

+Arizona was great!

+These two are the cutest together. She remembered him even after not seeing him for a couple of months.
+I forgot how hot Arizona can be, but it was SO good getting to see my family and friends.

+Aub's cute little Brigham:

+Who knew Maverik had such good frozen yogurt? PLUS it's $1.69 (w/ tax) for as much as you can put in the cup. Not bad, eh?


Lauren said...

hey kylee! so aubrey has a beautiful baby?? i didn't even know she was pregnant! i am so jealous!
and we don't really have any cool plans for our one year...lame! but it will probably consist of making out. and stuff.
how is your life? looks like you're loving it!

Kylee said...

She does! He's two months now :) Crazy huh?
Making out and stuff is always good. Time flies!
My life is good! Two weeks to school, three 'til I move to a new apartment, and I'm working two jobs. Crazy busy but i love it!

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