Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's all over.

Today I saw the end of it all! & yes, I did tear up a little bit. Seriously though, LOOK how little they were!

I'm really sad it's over. Crazy stuff. I remember staying locked in my room until I read each book cover to cover when a new one came out! I've read them each at least a few times and I am tempted to read some over again before school starts in a month. So long Hogwarts!

+Just spent 200 bucks on books for school. Thank goodness for renting or it would have been over $500! If any of you use Chegg to order books, type "618BD9A1" in the promo code spot to save a whopping 10%.

1 comment:

Taylor Jones said...

i thought the title was going to be over dramatic, until i saw what the post was about. now i feel like its not enough!:[[[

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