Thursday, July 21, 2011

up and coming,

Thursday: gym with my cousin Jenna; then swim & work 4-8.
Friday: pick up little sis from the airport :] Then close at work.
Saturday: hang out with little sis; then, you guessed it, work some more.
Sunday: drive home to AZ for a little trip to see everyone! My old YW leader needs someone to drive her car back to AZ, so I offered & am excited to see friends and family I've missed.
Wednesday: fly back to UT

+I need to add on to my awkward story about the pregnancy test (see previous post). I was on a date last night with one of my good friends from up here, and we went to Smith's to get cookie dough and ice cream to make pazookies. As we were walking in I told him about my previously mentioned awkward story from the last time I was in there. David, being David, in a stern voice said something to the effect of, "Now Kylee, I told you it's simple: don't have sex and you WON'T get pregnant." I couldn't help but laugh but a random customer about ten feet in front of us did not see the humor in what was said and looked more bewildered. Good times in Smith's grocery store!

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