Thursday, July 14, 2011

provo, provo, provo.

"You are here now exactly because you are supposed to be".

+...that quote is something Sherri Dew said in a fireside she spoke at last Sunday, which was AWESOME by the way. I know she wasn't directing this at me, but it sure felt like it. I've already learned so much about myself here. I'll pretend that quote was just for me ;)

+I wish I could remember all of the awfully awkward, yet somewhat funny things that keep happening to me up here in Provo. One off of the top of my head that I can remember was when I was at Smith's the other day. I was with a friend buying a pregnancy test (for HER, not me). Don't worry, she is married :) I know you're thinking it. Anyways, she grabbed one and we were going through the self-checkout & rang it up, but it was pricier than she thought it had said. So she informs me that she'll be right back and runs to double check the price. She leaves me standing there, looking like I can't figure out how to buy the dang thing. A line started to form and so I thought I'd be smart and void the awesome pregnancy test inconspicuously and jet out of there. Much to my demise, it alerted a worker that I had tried to cancel my purchase and so I was asked if I needed any help. I said no thanks, I had changed my mind and walked away quickly.

+I got a flat tire today, awesome huh? JUST put new tires on my car the week before I moved up here. Bummer. Thank goodness some awesome boys from my ward were there to save me so I could get to work on time. :)

+I got a call about an interview for 24-hour fitness and I think I'm going to go. It is a group interview on Friday at noon. I don't have to work at Yogurtland until 7, so I figure I may as well go for it and see if I'd even get the job! I'll keep you posted.

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