Wednesday, July 6, 2011

happy day!

+Utah really is so pretty! We hiked Stewart Falls the other day and it was probably my favorite hike I have ever been on. Look it up, it is GORGEOUS. The waterfall is amazing.

+There was a free concert on top of a parking garage last weekend. A band covered all of The Beatles' Album, Abbey Road, and it was AMAZING. I love The Beatles, but whether you do or not, it was still a great show! :] I also actually got a box of two free Modbe camis. They threw out some to random people in the crowd, and I was definitely psyched, until I sadly noticed the XL sticker on the side of the box... bummer :(

+Today has been a GREAT day! I got the cutest little visitor from home...

+She made my day by remembering me and I loved getting to spend time with her and her family!

+If you are ever SUPER bored or extremely tired this may be entertaining to you...It was for my sis, her pal LAUREN, & I at the time at least.

Spice girls! from Kylee Patterson on Vimeo.

+And finally...
A video of the cute Lydia for my little brother. 'Twas his request for me:)

Lyd! from Kylee Patterson on Vimeo.

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