Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No longer unemployed!

Yes, that is my new job!
Yes, I am glad that I have a job.
& yes, it is good for me because I love frozen yogurt: way more than the average human being. {{fact}}

+I met both of the co-owners and they agreed to hire me right then & there. Quite the relief because both times I went in previously to ask if they were hiring and to bring in a resume, they told me that they had a huge amount of applicants at that store. Time to celebrate! Probably with some fro yo.. :] I start training next week. Woo!

1 comment:

alexispeterson33 said...

Kylee do you do photography?! I heard that from someone and I had no idea! Also I love mesa froyo! seriously that place is the best around. Way better than any of the new places that have popped up.

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