Thursday, June 23, 2011


UTAH is beautiful. The weather is amazing, even a tad chilly for an Arizona native. I'm living in University Villa for the Summer term and am still deciding where I want to live for the fall/winter semester. Here is a couple pictures of mi cuarto:

+Job hunting is going to be the death of me! 95% of the places I went into were not hiring, but of course they were still 'accepting applications'. Anyone who has ever worked a day in there life knows they really mean "no", but they have to say that or just feel bad for you. My two most promising jobs are currently Olive Garden and Yogurtland. I'd like to work at both, but if I could just get one that would be GREAT.

+Good news! Found a place that sells my Neurosonic drink :] YoZone sells them and it's like two blocks from my apartment. Looks like their website did not know the people of Provo, Utah aren't as behind as always assumed.

...Usually however, they are. Keep me updated with music people of Arizona pleeeaase :] Songs that were on the radio a month ago still haven't hit the stations here.

+I still haven't brought myself to change the clock in my car. It's the last bit of Arizona I have left! It doesn't get dark until past nine here so that is still going to take some getting used to. And I miss my bed, but I do not miss the 115 degree weather. Not one little bit!

Some pictures of my family and I in Sedona from the trip right before I left to Utah!

-father's day-

-big little brother-

-best cousins and siblings everrr-

{Love & miss them}

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