Friday, June 10, 2011

What I will miss about the 480.

+QT! While it is obviously not the thing I will miss MOST, I will miss this gas station terribly. It may kill me not having five within five miles of my house. Or one within any reasonable amount of miles in Provo for that matter.
One of the reasons why I love QT so much is for one drink specifically: Neuro Sonic.
I have trouble finding it. It is at the Walgreens by my house, and some other random stores. But I went online to lookup stores in Provo that sell it {yes, I am very aware of how pathetic that is} & this was the awful result...


+FRO YO! I do know that there are a million and a half frozen yogurt places up in Provo. There is even a Provo Frozen Yogurt, but trust me, it is not the same. Provofroyo does not even compare to Mesafroyo. Believe me, I've tried it.

+FAMILY: I try not to really think about this part. They're my best friends and give me so much love and support. I'm going to miss going to Gecko with them and getting what was previously mentioned ((fro yo)). I'll miss them making me laugh and smile most of all :]

+FRIENDS: All of my marrieds! My not marrieds too of course. I expect you guys to see me if you're ever in the area & we'll do fro yo and lunch dates when I come down. Don't forget about me! {Skype, hey tell, text, creative.}

[Stupid. But still funny]

++Stay tuned: things I do not miss about Arizona will be posted in a subsequent post later on.

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