Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All of the winners go country dancing.

Okay, so I may or may not go country dancing... a lot.  And kind of love it! Even if 90% of the boys there are kind of super weird, i'm fine with it.

I don't know if it's the awkward looks, creepy approaches, or terrible dancing that makes me love it so much? Perhaps its a combination of all that awesome-ness.

I want to document my top four favorite stories from the past couple of years. Might just make you want to start going too ;)

Counting down, starting with number four!

4.  Dancing with a boy who fails to look at me the entire dance. I want to emphasize "entire". He talked alright, but only would look past me towards my left ear. Odd, right?  It gets better.

3.  One time I noticed a complete weird-o staring at me. Not in a flattering way. Like an "i'm-totally-checking-you-out-and-am-coming-to-get-ya" type of way.  I noticed said stare and deliberately walked briskly over to my purse and grabbed my phone. I continued to pretend like I was texting someone in order to avoid dancing with the above-mentioned weirdy [weird-ee]. Did he take the hint?  I'm afraid not.

2.  Once I was dancing with a guy who was...well, not the most apt for country dancing. Or probably any style of dancing or moving in general for that matter...  I awkwardly hopped and bounced around to the music. And as a result of his "new move" he wanted to try out, I ended up with a bloody lip from him knocking me in the face with his elbow. 

1. So I know a few people who have ended up dating someone special after meeting at country dancing.  I figured that I had been going long enough that it was my turn for such an opportunity.  I told myself that whoever asked me to dance next was my soul mate. Super dramatic and hopeful right? RIGHT.  I got poked on the shoulder and turned around to see my one true love! What was he like you might ask... well, let me tell you. He was about two inches shorter than me, a terrible dancer (similar to the above "hopper and bouncer" mentioned in number 2), and about 35 years old.  This Asian man did not say one word to me the whole dance. I asked him questions and he would simply nod and look away. We'd make quite the pair don't you think? ;)

Now, after reading about all of that fun aren't you tempted to go yourself? :)


Noelani said...

#2 and #1 had me laughing uncontrollably. My oh my. I'm convinced that country dancing would be fun. Minus the guys, ha.

Erin said...

Ha ha ha you are the best at story telling!! These made me crack up!

I have a friend that was approached by a man once..and he asked her if she wanted a she decided to say nothing and just stare at him. He stood there for a good minute...and then said..."So do you want that drink?" She just stared....he walked away. Shameful ha ha!!

megan danielle said...

hahaha those are great! i loveeee going country dancing, but only with my boyfriend...i couldnt handle the crazies. but we do have some pretty funny stories as well!

Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

oh how i love you....I'm so excited for you to get married and have beautiful awkward asian babies that can't talk or dance!! You will have a wonderful life together :)....pretty much I laughed really hard!!!! I do love country dancing! I wish I could still go, but after bringing Grafton and throwing out his back which lasted for months, I don't think its worth the risk again! hahaha. i love you!

Daisy said...

Well I was thinking of trying it and now I'm worried. lol

Erin Grace said...

Lol. Waaay too funny. Again you have me laughing my face off. :)

Halle said...

Haha! :) Make sure to check out my blog! If you like what you see, please follow! I follow back :)

Best Wishes,

thecollegebook said...

I am in LOVE with country dancing (maybe because i'm from Oklahoma). I want to go, but no one will go with me. sad stuff...I know.

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Loved number two! Had me really giggling! Loving your blog girl !


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