Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gnomes & pip the chick.

Meet Pip:

Isn't he the cutest? My brother thought it would be funny to buy him for $5 and surprise my mom.  We only get to keep him for a couple of days, however. Sad, because Pip is the cutest.

My big little brother!

My favorite one:

Siblings & cousins! Love the lighting.

Pretty little sis:

Love these three! Going to miss them when I head to Utah.

Found this little treasure at my grandparent's. Every time you walk past him, he insults you in some way. It's great!


Nicole... given said...

i want a baby chick!

Simply Valorie said...

I want a baby chick! And also, the gnome that insults you. Actually, I may even want the gnome more - less upkeep. Haha.

memory said...

Beautiful! Time with family and cousins is always a good time. Is that you in the red shirt? You're lovely! I love your outfit :)


Daisy said...

How adorable that little chick is!! So sad that you can't keep it. You have a beautiful family :)

mike i make said...

Love your blog:)
Following you:)
It would be so nice, if you follow me back:)

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Love these pictures, your family is adorable and I LOVE Pip! :)

emily said...

that baby chick is to DIE for, so stinking cute!
glad i found your blog, im your newest follower!

xo, emily

Elisha(: said...

Now following!!!

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