Friday, March 16, 2012

braces & back to utah.

All three of my Aunt's kids have braces right now, so she wanted pictures before her oldest got his off this week! Man, I sure do not miss braces.  


Alright guys, so I JUST ordered a card reader from amazon. Hopefully I get it early next week because I have a lot of pictures I want to upload to my computer and put on here, but I don't have a cord to my camera & my last card reader broke.  Ah.

Random ramblings...

1.  I do not have school until next Monday because of SPRING BREAK! A much needed break.
2.  Utah is great! So great being back up here and the weather is amazing!
3.  I just signed up for my last semester at ASU.
4.  I'm the newest shift lead at Yogurtland.  Moving up in the world ;)
5.  I'm going to an early showing of The Hunger Games through my work.
6.  I paid for one soda yesterday & the vending machine decided to give me three. score :)

+Hopefully I can get my pictures up soon! :)

Anyone else as excited as me for this?
Source: via Kylee on Pinterest

Source: via Kylee on Pinterest


Alyx said...

SOOOO excited for the Hunger Games!
And I don't miss braces either. Ugh.

Libby's Life said...

Oh my goodness I am soooo excited! We are going on Tuesday the 27th because that is my hubs' day off so it was the soonest I could get him to go with me! But I have our tickets and I am buying a shirt to wear to the movie and already have the CD on pre-order!! I also am buying one of the nail polishes to wear to the movie. My husband thinks I am nuts but I am obsessed and can't help it ;)

Alysa Dela Cruz said...

I watched the Hunger Games last night and it was completely Amazing! I'm sure you're going to enjoy it! great photos! new follower here :)

memory said...

I wish I had your kinda luck at the drink machine. ;) YOGURTLAND?! You're so lucky to work there! Congrats!


Rolled Up Pretty said...

Did you LOVE the movie?! I did! I think Katniss was adorable! :)

Meredith Sledge said...

OH MAN. I have never seen that picture and I looooove it!!!!! YAY HUNGER GAMES.

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