Thursday, July 5, 2012

meet airport boy.

How can you not love that smile? 

+So I left off with me freaking out because I finally found the guy from the airport.  He added me and sent me a message right away saying he was glad I found him and thought I wasn't going to.  He gave me his number and we texted a bit. He mentioned his girlfriend and I asked about her and was glad he wasn't trying to be shady about the situation.  We ended up hanging out a couple of weeks after that and of course it was amazing, but a little odd since he was dating someone.  Four days later he no longer had a girl friend and we started going out more.  He lives about 45 minutes away so that makes it a little more difficult, but not too bad.  
+We're both here just until the end of the summer, so I guess that's where we are at right now. Crazy how everything has happened so far. 

 The AWESOME view from the top of the SLC library. I recommend going if you're close! Super cool building.

Top picture is from the Y in Provo. The other two are from a park by airport boy's house on the 4th.

One more month Yogurtland! One more month Utah. Weird!


Rolled Up Pretty said...

I want you and airport boy to get married :) Okay what yogurt land do you work at? We'll come say hi!

{ mr and mrs jp } said...

yay! airport boy is a cutie!! so that view from the y is where j said he loved me for the first time. oh how i love utah. you're going to miss it. so glad you had such good memories there! miss you cute girl. xo

Liz said...

Airplane boy is adorable. :P And the photographs are great.

It's nice that he wasn't being shady about having a girlfriend. :P

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