Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Warrior's Heart

"A heart is a funny thing, it can break, it can beat a little faster. But the most important thing it can do is heal; and if you follow it, it will lead you anywhere you need to go."

"You think you know someone, you have a nice connection, but before they let you in, they gotta let themselves in. They have to learn their own heart."

"Through challenges, he finds strength...

Through courage, he finds love..."

"It isn’t easy watching people you love get hurt, and it’s impossible to replace some things in life that get lost. But in everything I look for in a person: someone who stands up when they are knocked down, can work with a team, and has strength and humility - that can be found through this game. Maybe that’s why lacross, baaga’adowe, is known by another even older name: The Creator’s game. Native Americans believe they play for the pleasure of their Creator. Sometimes I think that’s why we do anything at all."

-Just some of my favorite quotes from the movie A Warrior's Heart.

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